Since a coup in 1989, Sudan has been led predominantly by an Islamist government with close ties to the military. Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir played host to Osama bin Laden in the 1990s, along with other terrorist organizations, earning it a designation on the US governments list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.  Bashir has also been charged with genocide after a violent campaign against Christian Animists in Darfur and Sudan’s southern territories.   Sudan today is known to support Hamas and other violent Palestinian groups. The country also maintains close ties with Iran, even allowing Iranian weapons smuggling from its territory, prompting Israel to carry out sporadic military operations against Sudan from the air.

  • Military EXHD
    3.6% of GDP
  • GDP
    $159.1 Billion
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Sudan Orders Russian T-72s

Sudan has placed an order for 170 surplus T-72 tanks with Russia, according to unidentified sources cited by the Russian newspaper Izvestia on 20 September. “The consultations started in 2015, yet a final agreement was reached at the Army 2016 forum [held in Russia earlier in September],” Izvestia quoted one source as saying. “It is […]

Saudi Arabia Recruits Sunni Allies in Row with Iran

Saudi Arabia rallied Sunni allies to its side in a growing diplomatic row with Iran on Monday, deepening a sectarian split across the Middle East following the kingdom’s execution of a prominent Shi’ite cleric. Bahrain and Sudan cut all ties with Iran, following Riyadh’s example the previous day. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told Reuters […]

WikiLeaks Saudi Cable Says Iran Shipped Nuclear Equipment to Sudan

Saudi diplomats in Khartoum believed Iran shipped advanced nuclear equipment including centrifuges to Sudan in 2012, according to a document leaked last week that WikiLeaks says is a cable from the embassy. “The embassy’s sources advised that Iranian containers arrived this week at Khartoum airport containing sensitive technical equipment in the form of fast centrifuges […]

The Saudi-led Coalition Is Not Ready to Fight the Islamic State

President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited Saudi Arabia last week hoping to reassure nervous Gulf allies that American security commitments remain in force in the wake of last year’s Iran nuclear deal. In exchange, the White House was hoping to encourage the Gulf states to play a more active role in the […]

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