Oman, a country with long-standing ties to Britain that straddles the Strait of Hormuz, has maintained a quietist foreign policy throughout its history. The government faced a rebellion in the 1960s and 1970s, and was forced to adopt a number of reforms as well as to fight a protracted counterinsurgency. Internally, it has seen some protests during the “Arab Spring;” however, not to the scale seen other Middle Eastern countries. The government has sought to alleviate public concern by announcing plans for economic and political reforms. Oman has embarked on a sharply increased round of military expenditures over the last decade that has put it among the top five countries in the world in terms of military expenditures as a share of national income.

  • Population
  • Fit for Service
  • GDP
    $76.46 Billion
  • Military EXHD
    10.3% of GDP

Washington Seeks Gulf Special Force, Naval Cooperation

The United States is seeking greater special forces and naval cooperation with the Gulf states to counter Iran’s “destabilising activities” in the region, a senior American official said. Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, who arrived in the Saudi capital on Tuesday, will meet his Gulf counterparts on Wednesday. The following day he is expected to join […]

Mideast Maritime Exercise Focuses On Nonstate Actors

Naval forces of 34 countries are focusing on maritime threats from nonstate terrorist groups like al-Qaida, the Islamic State group and even the Houthi rebels in Yemen during the largest maritime exercise in the world. The threats emanating from seaborne improvised explosive devices are rapidly developing and as such nothing is being left to chance at this […]

World’s Largest Maritime Exercise Kicks Off in Mideast

The International Mine Countermeasures Exercise, the largest maritime exercise in the world, kicked off April 4, with international naval and civilian maritime forces from more than 30 nations spanning six continents training together across the Middle East. The exercise is organized and led by U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, which leads U.S. Navy and afloat […]

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Active Armaments
On Order
Air Defense Systems 151 (36)

Aircraft 177* (38)

Artillery 135 (0)

Ground Vehicles 623 (0)

Guided Munitions 1,545* (827*)

Personnel 42,600 (0)

Ships 66 (0)