Hezbollah, with backing and training from Iran, was established in southern Lebanon in 1982. Hezbollah was responsible for attacks against US targets in 1983, including the Marine Corps barracks bombing that killed 241. The group’s terrorist tactics prompted Israel to withdrawal from Southern Lebanon in 2000. However, Hezbollah maintains a state of hostility with Israel. The most recent conflict between Hezbollah and Israel was 2006.  The group possesses tens of thousands of rockets and missiles capable of targeting all of Israel’s major population centers Hezbollah conducts terrorist attacks on behalf of Iran around the world, including an attack in Bulgaria in 2012. More recently, it has fought in the Syrian civil war on the side of the Iranian-backed Assad regime.

In Blow to Hezbollah, Senior Commander Killed in Syria

Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia announced Friday that its top military commander in the Syrian civil war died in a mysterious blast in Damascus, dealing a major blow to the powerful Iranian-backed group. The killing of Mustafa Badreddine, 55, comes as Hezbollah struggles to balance combatting its traditional nemesis, Israel, with its costly intervention in the Syrian […]

Israel to Russia: Don’t Let Syria Pullout Boost Iran, Hezbollah

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will ask Russia on Wednesday to ensure that its partial pullout from Syria does not embolden Iranian and Hezbollah forces there, an Israeli official said. Rivlin is in Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose withdrawal announcement on Monday blindsided world powers. Israel believes the Russian intervention in Syria’s civil […]

Israeli Jets Strike Syria’s Qalamoun: Activists

Israeli jets have allegedly conducted airstrikes in Syria’s Qalamoun region along the border with Lebanon, according to Syrian activist media. Al-Souria Net reported that Israeli warplanes on Monday night bombed regime and Hezbollah positions in the remote mountain region between Syria and Lebanon, the latest purported Israeli Air Force (IAF) raid in Syria. “After several […]