Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched a rare suicide attack on a Saudi frigate in the Red Sea on Monday, killing two crew members and leaving three others wounded, according to the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition fighting against them.

The Houthis, who practice an offshoot of Shiite Islam, have been fighting a war since 2015 against the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the region’s leading Sunni Muslim power and a close U.S. ally. The rebels are supported politically by Shiite-majority Iran, Riyadh’s regional power rival, though Tehran has denied sending them weapons.

Three Houthi suicide boats attacked the frigate as it patrolled off the Hodeida port on Yemen’s western coast, the coalition said in a statement. The Houthis don’t commonly deploy suicide attackers in the battle against the Saudis and their allies. One Houthi boat hit the frigate’s tail, causing an explosion and ensuing fire, the coalition said. Saudi air force units took on the other two boats before they could strike, it said. […]