Sultan Fadl, the director general of Damt administrative district in Yemen’s southern province al Dalea announced this morning that two al Qaeda operatives were killed during a raid carried out by a Yemeni special operations unit. The Al Qaeda fighters had apparently entrenched themselves in an apartment in the city of Damt which they rented about a week ago for the purpose of planning a terrorist attack in the country. Fadl said that Yemeni authorities were monitoring the apartment and reached a decision to foil the terrorist plot.

At dawn this morning, Yemeni forces stormed the apartment and clashes broke out between the al Qaeda militants in the apartment and the advancing Yemeni military unit. Two al Qaeda fighters and two Yemeni soldiers, identified as Hani Hamdan and Salah Ali al Faqih, were killed during these clashes. After taking control of the apartment, the Yemeni military confiscated a car filled with the operatives’ weapons, communication devices, and documents of interest in the apartment. […]