The U.S. Navy with the Egyptian Naval Forces commenced exercise Eagle Salute 2017 in the Red Sea, April 23.

Eagle Salute 2017 incorporates Eagle Response 2017, an explosive ordnance exercise, to provide opportunities for participating nations to collaborate on an even wider range of maritime security operations. These exercises focus on sharing knowledge and experiences in order to enhance solid regional partnerships.

Several vessels will participate in the exercise including guided-missile destroyer USS Truxtun (DDG 103) and Egyptian Naval Force guided-missile frigate ENS Taba (F 916).

“We are fortunate to have this opportunity to strengthen our maritime security capabilities and our relationship with the participating nations,” said Cmdr. Troy Denison, Truxtun commanding officer. “Exercises like Eagle Salute provide our Sailors the unique chance to learn from our allied countries and show them what we can do.”
The exercise began with a harbor phase focused on team-building activities.

Events included a sports day and a “damage control olympics,” a friendly competition in firefighting, hose handling and pipe patching, concluding with a reception. The exercise will end with an at-sea phase involving a live-fire gunnery exercise, division tactics in which multiple ships maneuver in close proximity and a joint air defense exercise.

U.S. Naval Forces Central Command conducts more than 20 bilateral and multilateral exercises with partner nations throughout the region each year. Exercise Eagle Salute is one of numerous exercises vital to the U.S. Navy’s theater security cooperation efforts in building and enhancing solid regional and international relationships.