IDF concluded the deployment of the Tzayad (Digital Land Army) system in all of its field formations. The last division took delivery of the system in the last few weeks.

The Tzayad project was launched in the middle of the last decade. In the context of this project, Elbit Systems developed C2 (command and control) systems for all elements of the IDF land Arm. The systems link the intelligence gathering elements with the command echelon, as well as with the fire and maneuvering elements, through a network of optic fibers and encrypted radio communication. Elbit Systems sold the Tzayad to two foreign armies.

The deployment of the Tzayad system in the IDF was completed ​​in accordance with its multi-year plan. Henceforth, the focus will be on deploying additional Tzayad systems within the different formations down to their tactical echelons, as well as improving the connectivity of the Tzayad with C3 systems of the General Staff and with the other services – the Air Force and Navy.