A new multinational venture featuring Turkish, German and Malaysian manufacturers is in talks with Qatar to produce 1,000 armored vehicles — just one component of an aggressive marketing strategy that targets Gulf, Middle Eastern and Middle Asian markets.

In August, Turkish manufacturer BMC, Germany’s Rheinmetal and Malaysia’s Etika Strategi joined forces to launch a Turkish subsidiary. RBSS, the new joint venture, will offer armored solutions to the Turkish and other militaries.  The companies say the joint venture would focus on wheeled and tracked armored vehicles.

Company officials said that RBSS — through BMC — recently launched contract negotiations with the Qatari government for the potential sale of up to 1,000 armored vehicles of various types and configurations. They did not disclose the product line under discussion. A Qatari fund owns a 50 percent stake at BMC, RBSS’ Turkish partner. […]