Turkey will reorganise its air force, combining the 1st and 2nd Tactical Air Force Commands (TAFC) into the new Combat Air Force and Air Missile Defence Command, under plans announced on 5 August.

The merger will see the commands, formerly based at Eskisehir in central Turkey (1st TAFC) and Diyarbakir (2nd TAFC) in southeast Turkey, be controlled from Eskisehir – which will serve as the main operational centre for Turkey’s fighter aircraft fleet. General Abidin Ünal, Commander of the 1st tactical air force command, has been appointed as the commander of the new command.

Speaking to local media station NTV on 5 August Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the reorganisation of the TAFC is aimed at increasing its deterrence at a time when sensitivities in the region have increased – referring to the Syrian civil war, and issues in the wider Middle East. […]