The New Turkish National Fast Attack Craft (Türk Tipi Hücumbot) programme is progressing towards the issue of a request for proposal (RfP) in 2014, industry sources have told IHS Jane’s .

The Turkish Naval Forces Command is understood to prefer its next-generation FAC to be a compact vessel smaller than the missile-capable Kiliç-class vessels (which are based on a 62 m Lürssen design) and to be capable of sprinting at 60 kt, reaching about 800 n miles at 28 kt, and operating in up to Sea State 5.

The vessels are also due to be equipped with a substantial systems suite, comprising a 76 mm main gun, two smaller-calibre naval guns, a Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) launcher, anti-ship missiles, torpedo decoy systems, a 3D surveillance radar, and an electronic support measures/electronic countermeasures (ESM/ECM) system. […]