Amid reports President Trump is considering more American military help for the Saudi-led fight in Yemen, U.S. lawmakers are urging caution, if not an about-face.
Four U.S. senators have offered legislation to limit arms sales to Riyadh over its troubled Yemen campaign. Fifty-five members of the U.S. House called on Trump in a letter to end both U.S. refueling for Saudi coalition warplanes and logistical assistance for the Saudi-led bombings in Yemen — and they said Trump must seek congressional approve before he deepens U.S. military involvement.
The push-back comes amid several reports that Trump is considering assistance for an offensive on a key port held by rebels in Yemen, and that he is allowing arms sales that stalled under President Obama to Saudi Arabia and its coalition partner Bahrain. Late last month, America’s top commander for the Mideast, told Congress said “there are vital U.S. interests at stake” in the Yemen fight. […]