The latest available imagery from January 2013 acquired by DigitalGlobe shows a flight of MIG-29 multirole fighter aircraft on the main operations apron at Syrian Air Force Sayqal AB, approximately 53 miles northeast of Damascus. (Another MIG-29 was parked on the airfield’s engine test stand at the time of capture).

Syrian MIG-29s were first utilized to defend the Assad regime last October when they were spotted flying over Damascus fitted with B-8 pods for firing unguided rockets on ground targets. According to Jane’s, the Syrian Air Force has over 60 x MiG-29 Fulcrum A as well as 8 x MIG-29UB Fulcrum B trainers in its inventory.

Although no updates have been provided, last May it was announced that the Air Force would receive at least ten MIG-29 M/M2 from Russia, part of a contract signed prior to the civil war.