During the second part of a lengthy interview with Al-Monitor in Damascus, a senior Syrian official said that the reality on the ground, the power balance and the military developments in the field were important, and in this regard, the Syrian authorities were content and reassured.

The official, who requested anonymity, started by analyzing the Syrian map: “Each line extending from our southern border to Aleppo is under the control of Syrian troops. The militants received overwhelming blows in Homs and Qalamoun. Today in Aleppo, any military expert understands the meaning of controlling the central prison and the air force intelligence site in the city. Everybody recognizes that Aleppo is almost militarily fallen. Of course, cleansing it of militants and terrorists may need time. But the battle there, according to military battlefield logic, has already been decided and its results are clear.”

In response to claims that the regime’s opponents have provided the government a great service with their behavior and mistakes, he smiled, saying, “This is absolutely true. Suffice it to mention two things: first, their collaboration with Israel and their openness to several contacts with it. That really helped us in our media battle in the Arab world. Second, and more importantly, the significant dominance by extremists and terrorist groups over those forces.” […]