Sudanese-made ammunition, mortars, rocket launchers, and their associated ammunition are increasingly appearing in conflict zones within and beyond Sudan and South Sudan.

Further research is required to verify the true extent of the manufacturing abilities of Sudan’s Military Industry Corporation (MIC), the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey said in a report released on 2 July.

Sudan claims to be the third largest weapons manufacturer in Africa, after Egypt and South Africa. In 1959, El Shajara ammunition plant was established to produce small arms ammunition. Production was expanded in 1993, when President Omar Al Bashir opened the MIC. Very little information is publically available about the MIC, but according to its website and various product brochures, it has eight main production categories: ammunition, conventional weapons, armoured vehicles and main battle tanks, gear, outfits, and equipment, electronics, aviation, marine, and vehicles, the report states. […]