ITS Francesco Mimbelli continues her engagement in NATO Ocean Shield antipiracy operation in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, within Combined Task Force 508 (CTF 508).

Following a long activity at sea, the Italian destroyer’s personnel, during an operational stop at Salalah harbor (Oman), have met their counterparts from the South Korean frigate Munmu the Great – currently Multinational Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151) flagship. The South Korean unit has been engaged in the past months in antipiracy activities and providing escort to shipping in the Gulf of Aden, to ensure the legitimate and safe passage of maritime commerce to and from the East.

The Mimbelli’s commanding officer, Captain Davide Berna, accompanied by some ship’s officers, visited the new Korean unit and met the Commander CTF-151, Rear Admiral Cho Young-Joo, one of the three main actors in the efforts to counter piracy in the Indian Ocean (a strategic region for the whole international community), together with new Commander of NATO Ocean Shield Combined Task Force (CTF) 508 and the new Commander of the EU Combined Task Force (CTF) 465 for Operation Atlanta. […]