With war and insurgencies imperiling nation states throughout the Middle East and Africa, military commanders and government officials from around the world are convening May 9  here for the biennial Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference (MESOC) and Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX).

Under the patronage of Jordanian King Abdullah II and in collaboration with the Jordanian Joint Special Operations Command, the  four-day SOFEX event takes place as the Hashemite Kingdom takes on an ever-increasing role in the global war against the Islamic State state and other extremist groups spreading terrorism and anarchy in the region and beyond.

“Jordan has proven itself to be extremely effective in combating terror and providing for its homeland security,” said Riad Kahwaji, initiator of the MESOC conference, now in its eighth year. “Jordan has played a big role in training of the Iraqi Army and its King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) has become the place to go for the type of training needed to meet today’s threats.” […]