The Sinai Peninsula has become one of the most dangerous places in Egypt. It used to be an example of calm and relaxation before 2004, when the Sinai’s people remained far from the wave of terrorism that hit Egypt in the 1990s.

Since 2004, the Sinai Peninsula has been hit by a number of terrorist incidents, the first of which were three simultaneous bombings in Taba, Nuweiba and Ras Shaitan in October 2004. That triple bombing killed 34 and wounded 125, most of them Israeli tourists. Then in July 2005, Sharm al-Sheikh was struck by three bombings that killed more than 88 people. There was another attack in April 2007 with three bombings that killed 23 people in the city of Dahab.

As a result of these terrorist attacks, the Ministry of Interior began massive security crackdowns by having the state security services lead a campaign of mass arrests affecting thousands of people in the Sinai Peninsula. The arrests were made without evidence of involvement in the attacks, creating conflict between the security forces and Sinai residents. Many were sentenced in absentia, causing a series of violent incidents in the area. […]