An unidentified jihadist speaking on behalf of the media office of Ansar Bayt al Maqdis (ABM), which is also known as Ansar Jerusalem, has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State. The announcement was made in an audio recording posted on an ABM Twitter feed and also on jihadist forums.

There have been multiple reports in the past indicating that ABM had joined the Islamic State, but those quickly proved to be misleading. On Nov. 4, for instance, ABM denied that it had sworn bayat (or oath of allegiance) to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who heads the Islamic State. The denial was issued after a statement saying that ABM had pledged allegiance to Baghdadi’s group was circulated online and picked up by the press. ABM quickly said that it had nothing to do with the statement.

The unnamed jihadist in the newly-released audio recording, however, says that he represents ABM’s media wing and the group has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State. He also calls on all other Muslims to do the same. […]