It’s safe to say the Syrian model is not what George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had in mind. Yet, one senior Iraqi lawmaker is warning that is the path his nation is headed down.

Iraq Council of Representatives Speaker Usama Al-Nujayfi, a Sunni, told a Washington audience Thursday his troubled nation stands at a “crossroads.” Down one bend is something resembling a democracy — Iraq style. But down a much darker one, he warned, is “something similar to the Syrian situation.”

“Iraq, at this point, is on a crossroads. Either it will move toward success and enhance democracy and give a successful example of a democratic system in a troubled Iraq, or God forbid, we will move into something similar to the Syrian situation,” Al-Nujayfi said through a translator at the Brookings Institute. “And this is to be expected if the problems are not faced in the right way.