The Pentagon office in charge of leading the sales of US defense equipment to foreign governments released a strategy document Wednesday aimed at streamlining the foreign military sales (FMS) process, while helping Washington to equip NATO partners in contingency operations.

One of the biggest initiatives in the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s (DSCA’s) “Vision 2020” strategy, which is slated to begin right away, is a legislative push on Capitol Hill to streamline some key provisions of the Arms Export Control Act, which only allows the US government to sell equipment to a partner nation while banning transfer to a third country or otherwise “sharing” that asset.

In some ways this restriction butts up against some recent NATO initiatives such as “Smart Defense,” which encourages the pooling of assets and the joint development of technologies among several nations. It also places some restrictions on other consortiums of allied nations that may be interested in pooling assets in the face of defense budget cuts or limited resources. […]