A Palestinian from the Gaza Strip has reportedly died fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) in Syria. Amer Abu Ghoula is said to have died on the evening of Nov. 13 during clashes with Hezbollah and the Syrian army near Aleppo.

Amer Abu Ghoula was originally from Nuseirat in central Gaza, according to Al Quds. The report also cited an anonymous source that claimed that Abu Ghoula had escaped from a Hamas prison and fled to Syria. Abu Ghoula had been sentenced to a a year in prison in September 2012 for harboring those tied to the kidnapping and murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni in April 2011, the report stated.

It is not entirely clear if Abu Ghoula ever spent time in a Hamas prison. According to the Independent, Abu Ghoula was sentenced in absentia. However, a February 2013 AFP report stated that he “was jailed for a year.”