Operation Dignity launched airstrikes against three Ansar Al-Sharia and 17 February Brigade targets in the early hours of yesterday morning, “in retaliation”,  it said, for attacks on Benina Airbase.

The spokesman for Operation Dignity, Mohamed Hejazi, told the Libya Herald that Dignity forces had bombed 17 February Brigade’s base near Benghazi University, at Suq Saia (a market in Sidi Faraj used by Ansar Al-Sharia as a weapons depot), and at the former home of Qaddafi’s Defence Minister Abu Bakr Younis Jabr, now an Ansar stronghold.

Hejazi said the attacks were a response  to grad missile strikes by Ansar on Saturday against Benina Airbase. He said Dignity forces had promised a massive and overwhelming response to any attacks made by its enemies. […]