U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday signed a bill allocating $225 million to fund critical parts for Israel’s Iron Dome rocket interception system. The Israeli army still has adequate supplies to deal with the current situation, according to Israeli Defense Forces data.

The Congressional funding measure passed both houses of Congress by Friday, in separate legislation after initially getting held up in wrangling over other government spending provisions. According to IDF data, the Tamir missiles used to intercept incoming rockets have so far intercepted 556 of the 3,243 rockets fired at Israel, while another 2,560 rockets have fallen in open areas. Of the 112 rockets fired at the greater Tel Aviv area, or “Gush Dan” as it is known in Hebrew, 60 were intercepted and 52 hit the ground, not all in open areas.

“This isn’t just about money. It is a signal from the American people and the American taxpayer that we are with the Israelis because if we, they do not have iron dome, they can’t defend themselves,” Republican Senator John McCain said Friday, when the bill was passed unanimously in Senate. […]