Spanish shipyard Navantia has handed over the amphibious ship LSTH Kalaat Beni Rached to the Algerian Navy after a major 18 month long upgrade.

The 2,130 tonne vessel was handed over in Ferrol, Spain, on June 12 after complete overhauls of engines and systems, life extension repairs and the integration of a new command and control system, new gun and targeting systems and the structural modernisation of the vessels for greater performance and safety. The handover ceremony was attended by Algerian Navy representatives and Ferrol repairs director Miguel Rodriguez Lorenzo.

Navantia received the Algerian contract in July 2012, covering Kalaat Beni Rached (BDSL 473) and her sister ship Kalaat Beni Hammad (BDSL 472). The latter arrived in Ferrol earlier this month for her overhaul, according to IHS Janes. […]