A senior NATO official said Thursday that NATO was prepared to consider a training mission to Iraq as part of a wide-ranging policy mix to tackle the so-called Islamic State.

Addressing members at a meeting of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security and Defence, James Appathurai, NATO’s deputy assistant secretary general for political affairs and security policy, said, “NATO could consider a capacity-building mission in Iraq.” He added that action in that region “is not just about military action” but about what to do in terms of cutting off finances, what to do with foreign fighters and how to address the ideology [of ISIS].”

His comments build on what was agreed by NATO leaders at the recent summit in Wales. In their communique, they say: “We re-affirm NATO’s continued commitment to the NATO-Iraq partnership, through which we will revitalise our effort to help Iraq build more effective security forces […] Should the Iraqi government request it, NATO will stand ready to consider measures in the framework of NATO’s Defence and Related Security Capacity Building Initiative with an eye to launching such an effort in the near term.” […]