U.S. and partner nation military forces continued to attack ISIL terrorists in Syria Sunday and today, using a mix of fighter and remotely piloted aircraft to conduct eight airstrikes. Separately, U.S. military forces used attack and remotely piloted aircraft Sunday and today to conduct three airstrikes in Iraq.

In Syria, one airstrike near Dayr ar Zawr destroyed one ISIL armed vehicle while another destroyed an ISIL anti-aircraft artillery transport vehicle. U.S. and partner nations conducted two airstrikes on an ISIL compound and an ISIL-held airfield in northwest Syria near Aleppo. Two airstrikes were conducted on ISIL compounds near Ar Raqqah, while two other airstrikes struck an ISIL training camp and ISIL vehicles within a vehicle staging area adjacent to an ISIL-held grain storage facility near Manbij. The storage facility was being used by ISIL as a logistics hub and vehicle staging facility. Although we continue to assess the outcome of these attacks, initial indications are that they were successful.

To conduct these strikes, the U.S. employed U.S. Air Force aircraft deployed to the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility. In addition, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Jordan also participated in these strikes. All aircraft departed the strike areas safely.

In Iraq, one airstrike in the vicinity of Kirkuk destroyed two ISIL vehicles while another in the vicinity of Sinjar destroyed two ISIL armed vehicles. One strike against an ISIL armed vehicle in northwest Iraq was unsuccessful. All aircraft departed the strike areas safely.

The strikes were conducted as part of the President’s comprehensive strategy to degrade and destroy ISIL.