U.S. military forces continued to attack ISIS terrorists in Syria Dec 3-5 using attack and bomber aircraft to conduct six airstrikes. Separately, U.S. and partner nation military forces conducted 14 airstrikes in Iraq Dec. 3-5 using fighter, attack, and remotely-piloted aircraft against the ISIS terrorists.

In Syria, five airstrikes near Kobani destroyed six ISIS fighting positions and a heavy weapon. Near Dayr Az Zawr, an airstrike destroyed three ISIS vehicles, an ISIS excavator and struck a ISIS training camp.

In Iraq, four airstrikes near al-Qaim destroyed four ISIS checkpoints, four ISIS armored vehicles, four ISIS bunkers, five ISIS fortifications and struck a tactical ISIS unit. Near Kirkuk, three airstrikes destroyed an ISIS-occupied building, two vehicle IEDs and struck three tactical ISIS units. Near Samarra, two airstrikes destroyed an ISIS fighting position and struck two tactical ISIS units. Near Tal Afar, two airstrikes destroyed two ISIS bunkers and an ISIS fortification. Near Mosul, two airstrikes destroyed 11 ISIS bunkers, nine heavy weapons, an ISIS vehicle and struck two ISIS units. Near Fallujah an airstrike struck a tactical ISIS unit.


All aircraft returned to base safely. Airstrike assessments are based on initial reports.

The strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation to eliminate the ISIS terrorist group and the threat they pose to Iraq, the region and the wider international community. The destruction of ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq further limits the terrorist group’s ability to project terror and conduct operations. Coalition nations conducting airstrikes in Iraq include the U.S., Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Coalition Nations conducting airstrikes in Syria include the U.S., Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.