European missile house MBDA has revealed that it has now secured orders for approximately 400 MM 40 Block 3 Exocet anti-ship missiles and more than 50 firing installations from nine customers worldwide.

The latest instantiation of the Exocet sea-skimming anti-ship missile line, the MM 40 Block 3 embodies significant performance and technology improvements, including air-breathing propulsion, a GPS-based navigation and guidance package, and a new launch and mission planning infrastructure. As well as more than doubling range, and offering greater flexibility in terms of attack profiles, the Block 3 variant also introduces an expanded capability to strike at coastal targets.

Block 3 is differentiated from previous Exocet generations by the adoption of a Microturbo TR-40/263 turbojet (replacing the solid-rocket sustainer used hitherto) to increase range to about 200 km. A new launch booster rocket motor (manufactured by NAMMO) is also introduced. […]