IAI is developing first models of the “Liraz” for the IDF – new tactical radar carried on an ATV. The system is designed to detect fire sources by ground combat forces to enable them to paralize the source of the fire immediately, and without the need of remote assistance.

The “Liraz” is a radar and a command and control system expressing a new operating concept developed in the GOC Army Headquarters, and is produced in the IAI’s Elta plants in Ashdod. The development of the “Liraz” follows a Call for Proposals published by the GOC Army Headquarters and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, calling Israeli and worldwide enterprises. IDF’s request was to receive offers for a radar with a range of ten kilometers, weight of ten pounds at the most, and power output of up to ten watts.

In Israel there are three companies that develop tactical radars: RADA Electronic Industries is developing two families of radars CHR (Compact Hemispheric Radar) and MHR (Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar). This digital radars have software-defined capabilities and antennas based on AESA technology, which allows obtaining shell protection and full dome cover, for detection, tracking and positioning of threats relevant to the force, including the discovery of fire hostile missiles, RPG, mortars and small arms, detecting any penetration, on the ground and in the air, and as well Ariel defense in tactical ranges.