On Saturday, December 7, part of the crew of the Algerian navy’s future ship, ‘Kalaat Algeria Beni Abbes, also called Bâtiment de Débarquement et de Soutien Logistique (BDSL) arrived at La Spezia where they will follow the training courses organized by Fincantieri.

The 45 Algerian sailors are members of the Service Platform Unit, and rejoined in Italy 84 other crew members belonging to the Operational Services who had arrived last September.

The ship, an advanced amphibious vessel displacing 8,800 tonnes, was commissioned by Algeria and is derived from the Italian navy’s “San Giusto” class. She is currently at an advanced stage of construction at the Fincantieri shipyard in Riva Trigoso, where its launch is scheduled for next Saturday, December 14th. […]