Israel’s defense electronics company RADA was recently awarded an order to supply tactical radar systems for a national alert system. The name of the country awarding the order has not been released by the company. According to company sources the radars to be supplied are the ultimate-mission Hemispheric Radar, enabling volume surveillance and detection of multiple threat types, including UAVs, mortars, and rockets.

According to Zvi Alon, RADA’s CEO, “We are extremely proud with this competitive selection of our technology. This is a major award of a radar program for RADA, which joins other strategic awards for radar programs during 2014. We believe that additional leading countries and integrators will follow this selection”.

The MHR – an S-Band, Software-Defined, Pulse-Doppler, AESA radar – has sophisticated beam forming capabilities and advanced signal processing, provides multiple missions on each radar platform, and offers unprecedented performance-to-price ratio. It is compact and mobile, delivering ideal organic, tactical surveillance solutions for force and border protection applications such as C-UAS, C-RAM, GMTI, air surveillance, and more. […]