In a piercing, informative and opinionated article based on data, Dr. Nathan Faber criticized the Israeli missile-defense concept (“tiered defense”) this week. The conclusion of Dr. Faber’s article, published on the Magen Laoref (“Homefront Shield”) foundation’s website, is that if Israel finds itself in an all-out war on several fronts facing enemies that are showering it with hundreds of missiles a day (perhaps over a thousand), this concept could crumble due to financial, operational and technological reasons.

The tiered-defense concept is based on different types of defense missiles to intercept the different variations of enemy projectiles in a number of ranges and altitudes (“interception tiers”). According to Dr. Faber’s article, the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic-missile system (that is still under development) is designed to intercept Iranian Shahab missiles (that have a range of 1,300 km.), at an altitude of 250-300 km., hundreds of kilometers away from Israel’s borders (over Jordan). In the future, Arrow 3 missiles will also have to intercept Sejil missiles, that have a range of over 2,000 km.

Arrow 2 missiles are designed to intercept mostly Syrian Scud missiles (Scud B, C and D) that are launched from a distance of 300-700 km. Arrow 2 can intercept missiles at an altitude of 30-100 km., over Israeli territory or over the West Bank.