Rafael is proceeding with the adaptation of the Spice 1000 Electro-Optically, Stand-Off guided weapon as part of its roadmap to carry this family of weapons into the future. “The Israel Air Force will be able to operate the F-35s with Spice 1000 soon after these fighter jets arrive in Israel later in the decade” a source in RAFAEL told Defense-Update. The aircraft will be able to carry the weapon in either internal or external configuration.

RAFAEL is expanding the SPICE family that began with the combat-proven SPICE 2000, with the introduction of SPICE 1000 and expansion of the platform it is designed to operate with. The next phase is the SPICE 250 – a smaller, lighter and smarter weapon that, according to company officials, will introduce a paramount change in air warfare. The new weapon is currently in development and is expected to enter flight-testing soon.

“The Spice offers air forces to engage pixel-size targets from standoff ranges, with a weapon designed for high immunity to interference and countermeasures.” Rafael VP Marketing Oron Oriol told Defense-Update, “This performance has been demonstrated in combat for quite a while. With the Spice 250 we are downsizing these capabilities further, offering a smaller, lighter and more affordable weapon that also reduces collateral damage and increases mission effectiveness.”