An association of reserve soldiers is demanding the government cancel a decision to cut training for reservists, following the allocation of an additional NIS 2.75 billion to the defense budget.

“After a year of severe cuts in training for the reserve corps, which stemmed from the general cut in the defense budget, we want to emphasize and request the restoration of the budget necessary for training the reserve corps,” wrote Amutat Meshartei Hamiluim, in a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon this week. The group is usually an advocate for reservists’ rights and improved service conditions.

“There’s no need to waste words on explaining the importance of maintaining the preparedness of the reserve corps… We are literally talking about human lives, about preparedness for war, about the structure and equipment of the reserve units and, above all, about upholding the Reserves Law, which explicitly includes a demand to maintain the units’ fitness for their missions in an emergency,” the letter continued. “We urge you, as the ones who take responsibility and risk [to ourselves], to transfer the funding needed to uphold what was emphasized in the Reserves Law, enacted in 2008, regarding the fitness of reserve units.” […]