It is called “Arrow-3” but it is drastically different from the “Arrow-2” system, which is used nowadays in the Active Defense units of the IAF. How is it different? What advantages does the new system bring with it? How will the new missile successfully intercept ballistic missiles far away in space? Here are some of the answers

Naomi Tzoref

“A spaceship that intercepts missiles in Space”, explains Colonel Tzvika Haimovitch, commander of the Active Defense Branch of the Aerial Defense Division, when he is asked what the Arrow-3 is.”I know, it sounds like it’s bordering on Sci-fi”, he admits with a smile, “When we started the process 15 years ago, we thought it was only theoretically possible, but today it’s a reality”.

Indeed, the space where the system operates and its physical form both lead to one, single conclusion. “We consider the system more of a spaceship than a missile”, says Brigadier General Shahar Shohat, commander of the Aerial Defense Division. “It is more similar to a spacecraft than to one of the other missiles in our possession”.