Israeli authorities today announced that they have successfully thwarted a plot by imprisoned Palestinians to establish a terror cell to carry out a kidnapping plot against Israelis in the West Bank. The latest terror plot was exposed in December, but only cleared for publication today.

Muhammad Bel, 24, who has been imprisoned since 2008, recruited two other Palestinian prisoners, Ali Harub and Rajab Salah al Din. Bel was also reportedly in touch with Amr Mustafa Khalil Qassem, a Gaza-based operative in the Holy Warriors Brigades.

Harub, the Shin Bet said, is currently imprisoned for being part of a terror cell, planning attacks, and manufacturing explosives, among other offenses. Rajab Salah al Din, 53, is said to be a former member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and has been imprisoned since May 2012 for attempted abductions of Israelis. […]