The Islamic State released footage showcasing recent fighting in the town of Karmah which sits just east of Fallujah. The video, which is over ten minutes long, is produced by the jihadist group’s Wilayat al Fallujah, its administrative division for the area.

The video features heavy gunfights between Iraqi Security Forces and jihadists. Several technicals are shown to have been used, as well as several rocket-propelled grenades (RPG’s) and SPG-9’s. One scene features an Islamic State sniper firing on Iraqi military positions near the town. The video also shows the deployment of a suicide bomber identified with the moniker “Turkistani,” which usually denotes individuals of ethnic Uighur origin.

A large portion of the video is reserved for highlighting of the “spoils” gained in the fighting. Numerous Humvees, cargo trucks, fuel tankers, and US-made MRAPS are shown to have been captured by the Islamic State. […]