The Islamic State overran an Iraqi military base in a town in Anbar province just outside of Fallujah, reportedly killing and capturing hundreds of Iraqi soldiers as well as militiamen deployed in the area during the operations.

The assault on the Iraqi military base in Saqlawiya, a town just northeast of Fallujah, was facilitated after the Islamic State took control of the nearby town of Alsigir (Al Segar or Al Sijir) one week ago. After gaining control of Alsijir, the Islamic State besieged the camp in Saqlawiya, which according to one Iraqi military officer housed more than 1,000 troops.

On Sept. 21, the Islamic State launched a suicide assault on the base. A suicide bomber driving a captured Iraqi military Humvee was able to penetrate base security and detonate his explosives, an Iraqi Army officer told Reuters. In the aftermath of the blast, an Islamic State assault team overran the base. It has been reported that those in the assault team and those involved in the initial suicide assault were dressed in Iraqi military uniforms. A small military unit is said to be holding out in Saqwaliya. […]