Over the past week, the Islamic State has launched a series of attacks against Iraqi troops and allied Iranian-backed Shiite militias near the key central city of Samarra. The attacks include an operation that resulted in a defeat of the Shiite Badr Brigade militia, and a series of suicide bombings that were executed by foreign jihadists from France, Saudi Arabia, and Syria.

In the town of Mukayshfah, which sits on the main highway between Samarra and the Islamic State-controlled city of Tikrit, the jihadist group clashed with the Badr Brigade, killed at least 11 fighters, and captured weapons, ammunition, and pickup trucks after overrunning a unit. The Salahaddin division of the Islamic State released photographs of the fighting in Mukayshfah on its social media accounts yesterday.

The photos, some of which are extremely graphic, show Islamic State fighters firing on Badr Brigade positions, its fighters patrolling the streets, the corpses of Badr militiamen, and weapons, vehicles, and other items captured during the fighting. Several of the photos show Badr militia flags and vehicles emblazoned with Badr’s logo.[…]