The Islamic State has released pictures showing its capture of large parts of the al Shaer gas field in the eastern part of Homs province in Syria. The field is due east of the ancient city of Palmyra. The photos were disseminated on Twitter by the jihadist group’s supporters after being posted elsewhere online. The Islamic State has taken to releasing its propaganda this way after the social media site began to crack down on its official accounts.

The photos bear the title of Wilayat Homs, as the gas field is part of that declared administrative division of the Islamic State.

The pictures were released in two separate photo sets. The first set shows many destroyed tanks of the Syrian regime, as well as several dead regime fighters. Other images show the Islamic State’s “spoils” from overrunning the Syrian Army forces, including many rockets, mortars, and vehicles, as well as ammunition. The jihadist group also claims to have captured five tanks and two BMPs (Russian-made infantry fighting vehicles) from the regime. The remaining pictures show that the Islamic State has taken control of the Hayan Gas Plant. […]