Out of the Israelis’ conflict with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, at least one success story has emerged: Israel’s Iron Dome counter-rocket system. With 735 interceptions of rockets and mortar bombs, Iron Dome demonstrated improved performance, scoring an almost 90% success rate.

Of 4,594 rockets and mortars fired from the Gaza Strip in 50 days of conflict, Iron Dome failed to intercept only 70 rockets where the system was deployed. One Israeli civilian was killed by a rocket, three other civilians and nine servicemen were killed by mortars, but there were no fatalities in the areas protected by the Iron Dome. The operational results appear to contrast with an ongoing academic debate in the U.S. about the system’s efficacy.

“This is an unprecedented and significant strategic achievement,” Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told Aviation Week. “Iron Dome almost negated Hamas’s [the Islamic Resistance Movement’s] medium- and long-range capabilities,” added a senior Israeli air forceofficer. “Those 735 rockets intercepted represent dozens of Israeli casualties whose lives were saved.” […]