Scores of heavily armed Kurdish peshmerga are expected in the embattled Syrian town of Kobani early on Wednesday after Turkey performed a surprise U-turn and agreed to allow them to enter its territory to prevent the fall of the town to Islamic State (Isis) jihadis.

A convoy of peshmerga left the Iraqi-Kurdish capital Irbil to join forces with fighters in Syria pushing back the attack by Isis militants on Kobani, a Kurdish town on Syria’s northern border with Turkey. About 150 fighters carrying heavy weaponry, including long-range missiles, are expected to enter the town, along with armoured vehicles and ambulances.

Asya Abdullah, co-chair of the People’s Democratic party (PYD) in Kobani, said the administration had little information about the the peshmerga: “This is a military matter. The YPG [Syrian People’s Defence Corps] fighters are in contact with the peshmerga leadership. They are planning this together.” […]