Suicide bombers and car bombs killed at least 35 Shiite pilgrims and wounded dozens more in attacks in Baghdad on Thursday, security officials said. The pilgrims were on their way to the shrine of a Shiite saint in Kadhimiya, in northern Baghdad, to commemorate the anniversary of his death. A day earlier, Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki urged the security forces to protect pilgrims traveling to the shrine. The deadliest attack took place in the Ur neighborhood of eastern Baghdad, where a car bomb exploded near a tent for pilgrims, killing 14 people, including four children, security officials said. “We need a new government that is able to protect us from those terrorists that are the enemies of God,” said a man wounded in the Ur bombing, Jafar al-Musawi. An attack in central Baghdad by a suicide bomber killed 12 pilgrims and wounded 26, and in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Mansour, a car bomb killed nine people and wounded 20, officials said.