Iranian military specialists manufactured an upgraded version of its air defense missile system named Talash, which uses homegrown Sayyad missiles to hit high-altitude flying targets.

The upgraded Talash defense missile system is synced with the Iranian air defense missiles, the Sayyad-2 and 3, and the Russian-made S-200 missile system has been removed from the gear.

The Talash-1 is engaged for low and medium altitudes, Talash-2 for medium to high altitudes and the third for the high and very high altitudes.

The Talash-3 had been incorporated with the S-200 missile system for greater performance.

Each unit of the Talash system includes three vehicles, a truck carrying Patriot-style missile launchers, two command and control vehicles.

Iran has recently made great progress in manufacturing a broad range of military equipment, including the air defense systems that use advanced technologies.