Iran is in the process of starting another Moudge class vessel, its fifth in the series, despite making little progress fitting out the Sahand — another Moudge class launched at Bander Abbas in September 2012.

In spite of sanctions, Iran’s shipbuilding industry keeps barreling along with new boats popping up on satellite imagery more frequently. This increasing efficiency has been most notable with the construction of the Moudge class vessels whose numbers will soon reach five, if all goes according to plan.

Recent glimpses from open source imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe have confirmed that Iran began construction on the fifth Moudge Class vessel at Bander Abbas, home of the IRIN’s First Naval Region. Utilizing a modular shipbuilding approach, the vessel is shown in four sections above near Iran’s recently emptied dry dock. (Cranes are located on tracks nearby to load the modules into the dry dock for assembly).