The first Israel Defense Forces soldiers to be drafted for 32 months of service – four months less than has been the case until now – are expected to don their uniforms in the coming days. In order to maintain the preparedness of the units, the IDF will recruit hundreds of salaried fighters for a period of several months. At the same time, the army intends to bring additional demands to the Knesset during the coming year to extend women’s service by four months, as the Shaked Committee originally discussed.

Among other things, the army plans to leave about 700 soldiers in the format of additional service for pay, particularly in units where there are long training periods and in special technological groups. According to a senior female officer in the Manpower Directorate, “Leaving soldiers to do additional service for pay will be carried out only sparingly – a few hundred soldiers.”

In addition, the army is planning to change the physical assessment (“profile”) that determines the assignment of soldiers to some units, such as the aerial defense system, the rescue units of the Home Front Command, and the brigades at border crossings composed of Military Police and Border Police. […]