Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presents SAHAR – an autonomous robotic route clearance system. SAHAR is a joint development of IAI, QinetiQ North America and Watairpoll. A model of the system will be presented at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) exhibition this week in Orlando, Florida.

SAHAR is a fully autonomous robotic system designed for the efficient performance of combat engineering missions. The system handles the process of route clearance including functions such as environmental terrain mapping, surveillance, removal of road blocks and disposal of IEDs. The system is designed to handle a variety of tasks, missions and threats autonomously.

Combat engineering missions include route clearance, landmines and explosive device (ED) neutralization in diverse operational arenas. These missions are currently executed using manned and remote-controlled mechanical engineering equipment.

The challenges of dealing with these missions using existing methods include:
• High risk to equipment operators and to the security forces providing protection
• Specialized skills are required to operate the mechanical engineering equipment
• Extremely high levels of accuracy are required which result in slow implementation of the required tasks

To overcome these challenges, the SAHAR was developed.

The system’s execution is based on pre-defined path plans. Its major features include a remotely-controlled platform, smart terrain awareness sensors, and an autonomous maneuvering and manipulator module.

IAI has considerable expertise in unmanned ground vehicles with experience of over 10 years. IAI’s unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) specialize in executing various missions such as:
• Border security (operational UGVs through the GNIUS subsidiary)
• Logistics missions – REX UGV robotic porter
• Engineering missions – SAHAR UGV for route clearing missions