Clearing some of the fog surrounding the covert battle against the proliferation of advanced weapons systems in Syria and Lebanon, Israel’s defense minister told reporters on Tuesday that Hezbollah does not have the advanced anti-ship missile Yakhont in its possession.

Asked during a tour of the IDF’s Central Command whether Israel’s “red line” had been crossed and if Yakhont missiles had “reached Hezbollah hands,” Moshe Ya’alon said that, “our red line in terms of what’s going on in Syria is very clear. One of them is to not allow the transfer of sophisticated and advanced weapons from Syria to Lebanon. When that happens, we know what to do and will act accordingly.”

Pressed by a reporter to relate to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, in which US officials asserted that Hezbollah may hold 12 Yakhont systems in its possession in Syria, and that it has been assiduously and successfully smuggling parts of the advanced system into Lebanon, Ya’alon said that the Israeli defense establishment believes that the Shiite organization “does not have the missiles.”