A Hezbollah military leader was assassinated on Wednesday in front of his home south of Beirut, the Lebanese militant organization said, in what appeared to be an escalation of reprisals over its alliance with the government of neighboring Syria in that country’s brutal civil war.

The killing of the military leader, Hassane Laqees, came a day after Hezbollah’s top leader, Hassan Nasrallah, accused Saudi Arabia of responsibility for last month’s deadly bombing in Beirut that targeted the embassy of Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional rival and the military and political benefactor of both Hezbollah and the Syrian government.

Hezbollah, which announced the assassination of Mr. Laqees in a statement, did not elaborate on how it happened. Lebanese news reports said that he was gunned down in a parking lot near an apartment where he stayed or worked, which is near but not inside the security zone that Hezbollah maintains around its headquarters in southern Beirut. […]