Hezbollah is proving once again that its fight is not only against Israel, but is also focused on its own internal interests in Lebanon and Syria. After dispatching thousands of its fighters to the battlefields of Syria, on behalf of ally and sponsor Bashar Assad, who has sustained major military losses, it has now begun to support the beleaguered president by supplying him with unmanned aerial vehicles.

In November 2013, the Lebanese media revealed that security forces there had foiled a massive attack, involving a booby-trapped vehicle carrying 400 kg of explosives and other ammunition. The vehicle was discovered by seemingklhy miraculous means in the country’s Bekaa region, an area under Hezbollah control, several hours before the start of celebrations for Lebanon’s 70th independence day.

Lebanese security sources said that the organization had spotted the vehicle, and obtained information that it had entered the Bekaa region via the country’s eastern border with Syria. “The organization is monitoring and supervising the border using drones at night,” the sources said. […]